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Dorking Wanderers are encouraging local residents,supporters and businesses to help raise funds to support mental health and well-being projects for local residents of all ages.


Funds raised through Donate Dorking will be given to local projects and organisations who make a difference to the mental health and wellbeing of residents in the Dorking and the surrounding  area.


Kris Lea, Director of Dorking Wanderers commented “…..Dorking Wanderers has always been, and will always be about local community. We are very aware of the increasing need to support the mental health and well-being of our residents. As a major community stakeholder we want to encourage local giving and help make a local difference… etc”


Dorking Wanderers has established a multi agency grant allocation board who will ensure that all monies raised will be allocated to local mental health projects


“Since having their base in the centre of our town, Dorking Wanderers has become one of our most community minded local stakeholders. Their contributions, both practical and financial, to much needed social action projects has been a real gift to so many” Debs Harrison, Director - Prosper Communities CIC


“    thank you for your collection for the Dorking Area Foodbank in the run up to Christmas. We recorded that you collected nearly 200kg of tinned products as well as over £100 in financial contributions. All your donations are gratefully received and will be used to provide emergency food parcels over the coming months“ Dorking Area Foodbank


“Thank you for your community partnership Dorking Wanderers - over many years now you have contributed  so much ‘values centered’ support to our children and community” - Jacky Fyson Headteacher, St John’s C of E Primary School.



Draft Launch piece


Building on Dorking Wanderers’ local giving and community support, we have established a new fundraising platform called  ‘Donate Dorking’ to raise and distribute funds supporting local mental health/wellbeing projects and charities.


Supporters, sponsors, players, staff and local residents are encouraged to ‘Donate Dorking’ through our online fundraising platform, by pressing ‘Donate Dorking’ when purchasing online tickets and by giving donations directly to Dorking Wanderers marking them ‘Donate Dorking’.


All monies received will be held in a restricted and designated budget account and will be entirely spent on supporting local people of all ages who are challenged by mental ill health and wellbeing. A minimum of 50% of the total yearly income will go towards those who are most disadvantaged in Dorking and the surrounding area.


The Donate Dorking Fund is not open for Applications, however Dorking Wanderers will establish a x-sector  ‘Donate Dorking Advisory Board’ who will make recommendations to the Dorking Wanderers Board for the allocation and distribution of the funds raised. The Advisory Board will have representation from the public, voluntary, community, social enterprise and faith sectors as well as Dorking Wanderers.  We wish this fund to  be in step with local need. There will be an annual celebration and statement of how the funds raised have benefited local people. Funds raised may be distributed throughout the year.

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