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Wanderers are making headlines!

When it comes to making national headlines, we are clearly top of the league!

Who would have thought the nation’s top broadcasters and newspapers would be queuing up to make a fuss over Dorking Wanderers? Well they most certainly are! Our inspirational Rise With Us campaign has got the nation talking after major exposure across the country. The Sun newspaper, talkSPORT radio and financial bible CityAM were just some of the media giants captivated by our story - and our campaign to let football fans everywhere become part owners of the club. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s what Hawksbee and Jacobs said on their talkSPORT show - the biggest afternoon sports programme on national radio: “It’s unbelievable - you started as a park team and here you are, just a step away from the league. “It’s an incredible football story and we wish you well.” The pair even added that they’d chatted with their radio colleague, famed sports broadcaster Adrian Durham, and he’d said our YouTube docu-series ‘Dorking Uncovered’ was “absolutely brilliant.” High praise indeed! CityAM - one of the UK’s most-important publications for serious investors - were also gobsmacked by our story. They, too, referenced Dorking Uncovered, writing: “Wrexham’s promotion from the National League was documented in a TV series commissioned by their celebrity owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny - but they were not the only side to have cameras tracking their club. “Dorking Wanderers were founded in 1999 and have achieved 12 promotions in 23 years, from the 17th to the fifth tier of English football. “They’ve done the same and now the club are offering fans the chance to be part of the aspiring outfit.” The Sun remains one of the biggest-selling daily papers in the UK and also has over 30million online readers a month. They wrote: “The club have been on a meteoric rise. Their glittering run left such a lasting impression that even Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds fawned over them!” So there you have it. We are making the sort of headlines that makes us proud - but we don’t want YOU to be the one who misses out. Our Rise With Us campaign is a golden opportunity to join us for the ride - as a valued club owner - as we push for promotion No13 and entry into the Football League. Make no mistake, the campaign has already got off to a flying start. Over 2,000 supporters registered to buy shares that will last a lifetime - and now we are giving supporters across the world the chance to do the same. We want to see up to a third of our club owned by fans. A single share only costs £13.47 - you’d spend more at the petrol station - or you can purchase one of our irresistible packages with extra rewards like becoming a club vice president for a year. But remember: you need to purchase shares via our crowdfunding partners Seedrs. Just click on and follow the instructions. There will be plenty more headlines to come so just imagine how you’ll feel when you’re one of our owners - and helping us make the news!


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