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STATEMENT: Dorking Wanderers Board update on the clubs stance with regards to the league resolution

Following the issuing of the set of resolutions by the National League earlier this week, Dorking Wanderers would like to publicly confirm that we will be voting for the season to continue. Our reasons for this are listed below:

Firstly, we remain grateful for the receipt of the National Lottery funding from October through to December 2020 inclusive. We also received funding from the Football Foundation. We feel obligated by the funding received to continue and conclude the season as planned. In addition, a considerable amount of time and resource has been dedicated to planning and delivering games in a safe environment.

Furthermore, it’s important that the ‘Elite status’ of our league is protected and maintained, however it will understandably be at threat if the season ends now especially given the grants and support previously issued that would go entirely to waste.

From a limited company perspective we also have to consider our own commercial revenues and sponsorship, as the season ending prematurely will inevitably lead to understandable refund requests along with existing sponsorship rights being extended, which in-turn will have a highly negative impact on our revenue projections for season 2021-22.

Finally, we strongly believe that we have a moral obligation to continue for both our supporters and community. As has been demonstrated via the live streaming numbers and interaction on social media, the desire to watch football remains very high, and for a number of people it is their only release each week whilst strict social restrictions remain in place. As a football club that prides itself on its links with the local community, we want to ensure that this continues so people have something to look forward to, thus supporting their well-being at these highly challenging and unprecedented times. Suffice to say, the stringent protocols we have put in place and managed effectively to-date to ensure safety for the players, coaching staff and required match-day volunteers will continue to be strictly executed and adhered to.

We would like to place on record our thanks to Sport England for their proposed financial support, and we fully intend to explore both the grant and low-interest loan options that are currently available.

To conclude, we firmly recognise that these unprecedented times provide different challenges from club-to-club, and we fully respect and accept the varying stances taken by our fellow National League members.

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