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Introducing I'm a Wanderer

Welcome to our 99 summer special - and we’re not talking ice creams! The cost of becoming a part owner of our wonderful club has just got even tastier.

After listening to your feedback, we’ve launched a new entry-level rewards’ package for the sizzling price of £99*. How mouth-watering is that?!

Over 2,000 of you have registered for our ‘Rise With Us’ campaign and last week loyal fans started snapping up shares to become part owners of Dorking Wanderers.

Some have simply bought individual shares for just £13.47 each - while others have been tempted by our special packages which come with extra rewards and start at £250.

But just to make things even tastier we are today launching the new £99 entry-level reward package - which we’re proudly calling “I’m A Wanderer”.

Not only will you receive shares that will last a lifetime, you’ll also get a limited-edition collector’s pin badge.

Our club founder and first-team manager Marc White said: “We have been delighted with the response to ‘Rise With Us’ since launching last Wednesday, and overwhelmed by how many of you have secured a share in the club and joined us as owners.

“However, we did receive some feedback and requests for a lower-entry rewards’ package, which the senior committee took on board, and we’re very happy therefore to launch the ‘I’m A Wanderer’ package as an additional share option.

“We’re sure it will be snapped up in record time and our shareholders will grow exponentially following its launch today.”

Fans will still be able to buy shares individually for just £13.47 - and all the following reward packages will still remain available (in addition to I’m A Wanderer)

Associate Champion Premier Platinum Patron Ambassador President To find out more about each package including pricing and perks register with Seedrs via

The new ‘I’m A Wanderer’ package is now live and supporters can find out more and secure their share ONLY by visiting:

* Please note that we can only sell whole shares (which cost £13.47 each), so you need to invest to the closest multiple of shares above the perks band. For example, this would be £107.76 for the ‘I’m A Wanderer’ £99 package (i.e. 8 x £13.47).


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