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For the first time in our proud history, we are publicly offering all football fans a unique opportunity to purchase shares and become part owners of Dorking Wanderers FC.

Maybe you support Arsenal or Manchester United; perhaps you’re a Real Madrid or Boca Juniors fan! Just about everyone has a second team they love - so why not make it us and, better still, have a stake in what we do!

Our doors are wide open and we’ve even lined up some extra special rewards - so don’t miss out!

For the past 10 days only fans who registered with our “Rise With Us” campaign were allowed to buy shares.

But that priority window is now closed and for the first time we are offering the opportunity to absolutely anyone out there who is captivated by our incredible story.

Not only is this a unique opportunity to become a valued part owner, it’s also a golden chance to win some extra special rewards.

Everyone who has purchased Wanderers shares will be entered into a draw and have the chance to:

- Become a club vice president for a season and enjoy all the privileges that come with it!

- Win a season ticket for life

- Watch an exclusive first-team training session and then meet and greet all the players afterwards

Becoming a part owner of Dorking Wanderers will bring you closer to our unique story as we embark on the next chapter.

We hope to raise £2million, which we’ll invest in our club’s commercial infrastructure so we can ultimately start self-generating more income for the club’s playing budget.

The only way you can purchase shares is by setting up an account with our crowdfunding partners Seedrs. If you haven’t already done so, then simply visit

And if you need reminding, this is why you should come on board; in 1999 we were a fledgling club playing park football. Today, with 12 promotions in the bag, we are only one promotion the Football League.

Just imagine how it would feel to be part of that journey, knowing you helped make it happen. Also, imagine telling all your mates that you are a part owner of a National League football club!

Just hit that Seedrs link and come join us! We Are Wanderers.


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