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Dorking Wanderers Make Changes To Their Secretarial Structure

Dorking Wanderers have been working hard to ensure that ahead of the new season they have the right infrastructure off the pitch to support their ambitions on it, and as such they have expanded their secretarial structure for season 2020-21 so they have the right team in place to support the key responsibilities associated with this vital part of the club.

Executive Director Kris Lea provided the following update on changes to the club’s secretarial structure this season:

“Alan Gout, Martin Clarke and Jack Owen will all play a pivotal part in the execution of secretarial duties this season, with the following roles and responsibilities:

Alan Gout – Club Honorary Secretary

Alan is a member of the Senior Committee and a key member of our match day team from a management and logistics perspective. I’m therefore delighted to confirm that Alan has been offered (and accepted) the position of ‘Club Honorary Secretary’, where he will be the member in charge at all first team match days whilst also overseeing all secretarial roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, Alan will be responsible for several key club administrative matters, including club affiliations to all leagues and cups, player insurance and the management, control and updating of all club statutory policies.

Martin Clarke – Football Secretary Martin’s experience and knowledge is unprecedented at our level of football, and he will be a key part of Marc’s off the field team this season to ensure the efficient management and administration of the first team. As ‘Football Secretary’ Martin will ensure that first team registrations (League & FA registered contracts) are managed efficiently, along with ongoing player tracking (appearances, goals, bookings and fines). Furthermore, he will manage the first team monthly schedule whilst also continuing to be the club’s kit man, which includes match day kit and equipment coordination and preparation (never an easy role however there is no one better – anyone who has seen the military precision of Martin’s kit management and laundry room would I’m sure agree).

Jack Owen – First Team Match Day Secretary I am delighted to confirm that Jack has been deservedly promoted to the role of ‘First Team Match Day Secretary’. Jack has done an excellent job as the Reserves Secretary in recent seasons and has built up a reputation as a highly efficient and likeable secretary. Moving forward he will manage all first team matchday secretarial responsibilities, including the management of officials, visiting committee and away team. In addition, he will oversee team sheet production and distribution whilst also managing post-match paperwork in-line with league requirements.   Jack has also kindly agreed to be the General Secretary of both our U18s and U23s, managing all key administrative duties associated with both teams.

We are fortunate to have such a strong and highly respected secretarial team in place ahead of the new campaign, and I would personally like to thank Alan, Martin and Jack for all their hard work and commitment to-date.

Further information will follow soon regarding the match-day secretarial roles for both the U18s and U23s”.

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