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Financial Advisory Board

We are looking for suitably qualified volunteers to join our new Financial Advisory Board. This is being formed to strengthen the club’s financial decision making capabilities as it moves towards a new era in its professional development, including capital projects and fundraising.

The Board will not be a decision-making body but will advise the club ownership board on a range of financial matters, and help execute any strategy decided upon by the board.

The club is looking to on board experts from a variety of financial backgrounds to support its existing financial team and to add further expertise and perspective to the club’s financial decisions and to share in the work of the Advisory Board.

People must have a background in finance, banking, M&A, PE, or accounting and in particular we are looking for individuals that will bring some or all of the following skills:

• Be conversant in capital structuring and financial analysis;

• Have a track record in raising finance at a comparable scale from a range of sources – ideally including real estate lending, corporate debt, leasing and equity;

• Bring specialist skills in commercial real estate;

• Bring objectivity and impartiality to their work, including viewing all options dispassionately and implementing whatever strategy the boards ultimately decide to pursue;

• Work effectively as part of a team;

• Be willing to make a reasonable commitment of time (at least one meeting per month initially), share in the workload between meetings and to remain involved for at least 18 months.

If you are interested in applying to be a member of the advisory board, please email with a covering letter and CV or similar. The deadline for applications is 23rd June.


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